Stillpoint is my favorite yoga studio, and I have tried a few. The studio is big and welcoming, with inspirational art on the walls and lit candles around the room. The teachers are very perceptive and attentive to posture adjustments. I feel completely safe in their hands. They use a slightly different routine each week to keep you focused and engaged, which I love because it breaks my annoying tendency to drift on autopilot. The evening power vinyasa practices are my favorites! They are challenging yet relaxing, and they make me feel super energized after a long busy day. I recommend Stillpoint Yoga Studios to anyone wishing to experience a wonderful yoga session under the guidance of a very experienced and genuinely caring yoga teacher.
Stillpoint is a lovely yoga studio located in SWEAT gym. While initially hesitant due to the location inside a gym, the zen of the studio takes you away to yoga land. They offer such a wide variety of classes and times making it convenient for any yogi to get his/her version of yoga-on. The workshops they offer are always an intriguing addition to your practice. The wide range of instructors with a variety of backgrounds is a major asset of this studio.
Look no further…you have found the best studio in the area – hands down!  I moved from the city back to the suburbs 5 years ago and feel so fortunate to have found Stillpoint.  The classes are fabulous, the instructors are amazing, the atmosphere is calming, and the friends I made are priceless!  In addition, Dianne, the owner is a sweetheart…very professional and an all-around incredible human being.  I have made a friend for life.  My overall experience with Stillpoint has been wonderful and I encourage all to give it a try to see for themselves.
Shanti, Shanti, Shanti  🙂 ~M.C.
I have been going to Stillpoint for about 2 years and have had nothing but great experiences. I have attended a wide range of classes there from flow vinyasa, to hot yoga, prenatal yoga, gentle stretch and even yin flow based on some Chinese/Tai Chi principles. All of them have served their purpose and served it well.
I always feel welcomed and it is never over-crowded, which is a major bonus, as my previous practice was done at a wonderful place in the city that was always jam packed.
The teachers are nice, knowledgable, and modest. I highly recommend Stillpoint.
Stillpoint Yoga Studios is where I first tried yoga. I spoke with several employees, as well as the owner, Dianne, to get an idea of what to expect before I took my first class. They were all super knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable.
The main room has a very relaxing feel to it. It is also super clean! You are not allowed to wear shoes on the hardwood flood, and it is cleaned after each class.
It is much more than a studio, it is a yoga community. Dianne is always offering free community classes and doing Charity events. I highly recommend Stillpoint whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned yogi.