Laura Berry


Laura has led an active lifestyle with the belief that a body in motion, stays in motion. As a lifelong athlete from grade school to being a cheerleader at Penn State, Laura has always appreciated the thrill of physical movement. When her cheerleading career came to an end, she found a new home in her Yoga practice. Once Laura stepped foot in her first hot Vinyasa class, she was immediately hooked to not only the physical aspect but the spiritual and emotional connection she had to her practice. Laura is a 200 hour graduate of the Svadhyaya Yoga Teacher Training with Allison Sobel and Kate Goodyear held at Stillpoint Yoga Studios. Yoga encourages Laura to approach life situations from a centered and grounded place and she hopes to help guide her students to finding the happiness and fulfillment she has found through her own journey. Laura’s mission is to create a safe and nurturing environment for her students so they can dive deeper into their own practice on and off their mat.