Jennifer Saulino


Jennifer began her yoga journey in 2013 after promising a friend to come to a class She walked out of her and thought “never again”!

Until she returned the next day….

“Yoga was everything I needed and I fell in love! I fell in love with my strength, my life and above all, I fell in love with me. Yoga opened up something inside me that was always there, it just needed to be brought out. I’m and grateful and blessed everyday for this practice. Both on my mat,and what I get to share with the world”

Jennifer is a ball of energy whose classes are powerful, playful and heartfelt! She combines creative sequencing with a dose of inspiration to deepen your practice. She weaves thought provoking meditations thorough class, while encouraging growth both physically and spirituality.

She completed her 200 Ytt in 2014 at Yoga Power Works in Malvern, PA. She continues to be a student of the practice, traveling to enrich her mind, body and soul.