Bridget Glinski

Bridget found her practice as a way to counter balance the physical and emotional stresses of working in the veterinary field. After a decade of lifting 100-lb dogs and negotiating with ill-tempered cats on a daily basis, she realized she needed an outlet that would offset the stress of work and allow her to manage potential injuries over the long term while trying to create a work/life balance. This is where she fell in love with yoga. After taking her first class she was hooked and she began practicing on a regular basis. This made the love grow even more and led her to pursue becoming a teacher herself. She finished her 200 HR YTT with Kate Goodyear and Allison Sobel. Bridget wants to share her love of yoga with her students so that they can find what they need from their practice. She creates flows that will help you focus the mind, strengthen the body, and rejuvenate the spirit.