Anna Krain

Anna’s love of teaching comes from a deep rooted desire for seeking knowledge. When she stepped into her first yoga class she stepped onto the path of realization.Anna discovered an ancient wisdom , a sacred dance, and her umbilical connection to the universe. perhaps it’s a calling to serve higher consciousness, that fuels her compassion to share this love with others. Anna’s training began at Yoga on Main in 1999 with David Newman the founder of Inner Fire Yoga. In 2001, she began her teaching career with 4 classes at Yoga on Main and one class at Mainline Yoga, in Ardmore. During this time Anna had the good fortune of meeting Jack Forgosh and becoming one of his teachers at the founding of the Stillpoint Yoga Studios. Over the years she has attended workshops with Dianne Long, Donna Farhi, Paul Grilley, Amrit Desi and Yoganand. Parallel to her Hatha, Hindu, Vedic and Sanskrit studies has been an equally long love of Zen, Taoism, Sumi-e, I-Ching and Qi Gong.Anna’s intention in class is to create an atmosphere of tranquility that invites self-awareness, strengthens constitution and encourages self-healing through mobility, imagination and joy.