Prenatal Yoga

Your journey through pregnancy is the perfect time to experience the benefits of yoga. This prenatal yoga practice has been specifically designed to strengthen and stretch your body for pregnancy and delivery allowing for an easier birth and post-natal healing.

Benefits Include:

  • Toning of the uterus & pelvic floor muscles
  • Improving the circulation of blood and oxygen
  • Aiding the body in digestion and elimination
  • Calming the mind with breathing exercises
  • Enhancing endurance and flexibility
  • Supporting a balanced flow of energy

Postures are modified for each stage of pregnancy. Classes are on-going; you may join at any time. The classes offer pregnant women a sense of community as they travel the path to motherhood together, sharing their experiences and offering support.

  • No previous yoga experience is necessary
  • Classes are ongoing, you are welcome to join any week you would like.
  • Online pre-registration is strongly recommended as classes are limited in size.